Impact Newsletter Feb 17

CNBC Lime 8

Live problem solving, enthusiastic contestants across 12 cities & an enthralling finale… CNBC LIME proved to be a one of a kind competition for top B-School students
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L.I.M.E (Lessons in Marketing Excellence) is the country’s biggest and most strongly contested B-school challenge. This challenge was spread across 12 cities to find India’s best and brightest young marketers. The 4 judges in the panel gave a specific problem statement to each college in order to which students have to make a detailed marketing approach which includes all the aspects i.e. idea, promotions budgeting etc. Being the prime sponsor of the event, HUL promised to give the winners an exclusive opportunity to work with them. This televised event helps students to dream big, share their ideas, compete with other top students. Partnering CNBC for their flagship event for the 1st time we look forward to delivering a bigger and better experience for them in the future.

HUL Ayush

Deploying industry best practices to craft a thematic walkthrough & a unique unveil of Ayush’s wide range of products...
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Unilever’s emerging ayurvedic brand Ayush, organised a unique launch experience at its branch office in Chennai. The conference saw their global skin cleansing Head, Sameer Singh launch the wide range of Ayush Products. The launch sequence was a blend of dramatic curtain raiser unveiling the products along with its natural ingredients rise from the bottom of the stage simultaneously. We crafted a walkway that displayed the products in their natural habitat enhancing the authenticity of the brand. The event concluded with rewards and recognition for top achievers from their Chennai Branch Office. Our partnership with HUL to deliver launch experiences dates back since 1970’s and their developing trust in us is a hallmark of our longstanding relationship with them.


One of a kind initiative by Man Trucks to bridge the gap and aim for high sales by reaching out to its consumer base across 20 cities
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Europe’s leading commercial vehicle manufacturer, Man truck organised a multicity consumer meet for their established customer base in India. The conference saw Afters Sale head of company present exciting features about their latest range of trucks soon to enter the Indian CV markets. This latest range of trucks was displayed at the venue for the consumers to get a first-hand experience of their innovation. The experiences concluded with gala dinner and networking. Post covering 15 cities Man truck plans to organise this meet in another 5 cities. Our knowledge and long standing association with auto segment gives us an edge over the others to pull of such large scale events.

Mercedes Corp Star

One of a kind experience for the exclusive customers of Mercedes Benz in the luxurious environment of Aamby Valley.
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Mercedes Benz India hosts a 2 day event with a range of activities, to give their chosen customers a luxurious experience. This time the show was brought to life amidst the comfy environment of Aamby Valley. The format of the event encompassed a small tour on a pirate ship around the valley followed by the launch of its latest entity. The evening ended with a soul soothing performance by a saxophonist. Day 2 saw delegates driving the Mercedes-Benz SUV of their choice across the off roading tracks of the valley. Delivering this event for the 3rd consecutive year, our aim has always been towards creating a worry free experience for the client.


A conference that redefined digital design and how it is being revolutionized by NVIDIA.
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GTC is one of the renowned events of the world where the highest performance GPU technologies and research are discussed. NVIDIA for the first time brought this premier property to India through its regional extension GTCx, that connected top industry and academic leaders, entrepreneurs, decision makers, researchers, developers, start-ups, and venture capitalists. The conference offered exciting sessions where developers could meet experts at the NVIDIA Hangouts, take a free hands on GPU Tutorial, take the Deep Learning Institute training, visit the Virtual Reality Village and much more. It served as a great networking platform with 1000+ delegates from industry, academia, government, start-ups and more. Putting our years of industry knowledge into practice we were happy to create a worry free event for NVIDIA that shall pave the way for their property to evolve and grow in India on a larger scale in the near future.

Quesscorp Sangam

Sangam 2016, an action packed beginning of ‘Transformation to Success’
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India’s leading integrated business service provider Quess hosted an action packed annual day for their employees in Bangalore with an interesting theme, Transform to success – (it begins with me). The experience began with their 1000+ strong employee base, being divided into 6 teams who competed against each other in various activities such as photography, movie making etc. These activities helped them garner points that were later added to their scoreboard at the main event. The main event witnessed teams showcasing their talent through various performing arts. The evening concluded on a happy note with announcement of winners followed by a celebration where each one from Quess Corp collected their bundle of memories to cherish in the year coming ahead. We at Shobiz were happy to assist Quess Corp with their annual event for the 2nd consecutive year and look forward towards crafting many such memorable experiences for them in near future.


A unique celebration by students that Reached out to the heart of each and every one sitting in the audience
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Reach school that nurtures the individual abilities and self-confidence of the students with learning disabilities recently organised their annual day. We at Shobiz are happy to be a part of this noble cause where these special students, confidently showcased their talent on a bigger platform. The theme for this year’s annual day was Christopher Columbus Voyage. The program kick started with a welcome song sung by the students and was followed by a musical skit that depicted Christopher Columbus’s journey to all the seven continents. Reach School has helped over 100 kids to successfully integrate into the real world. We are humbled to deliver this heart-warming experience for them since the last four years.

SAP Ace Awards

Celebrating 20 years by rewarding their customer’s excellence in IT innovation and business transformation.
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Highly regarded as the mark of technology excellence since 2006, entering its 10th year SAP ACE Awards was held to recognize and reward the best in technology innovation and business transformation, with independent jury panels making it the most coveted awards in the industry. As SAP India completed 20 glorious years in India and continues to keep the pace with evolving business and technology landscapes, the event experience revolved around celebrating this milestone. The award ceremony began with the MD addressing the delegates about the key achievements of their company. ‘Start-up Focus’ a global program launched by SAP which helped promising start-up companies showcase their work through booths in the exhibition area. The ceremony concluded with a mellifluous performance by a violinist and saxophonist artist who left the guests spell bound. Partnering SAP for the 9th year, it has always been a pleasure for us at Shobiz to bring alive this one of a kind recognition ceremony.


A long standing platform of the TATA Group offering ideas that shape the corporations of the future.
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The Business Excellence Convention (BEC) is one of the long standing platforms of the Tata Group that has been serving and fuelling its journey to excellence. This action packed convention was held at Vivanta by Taj - Dwarka, Delhi. The theme 'Bold and Courageous Leadership for Long-Term Value Creation' was in tune with the compelling need to keep reviewing and creating newer business models, that have the capability to measure up the dynamic customer and societal needs. The event started with team recognition awards for the employees followed by gala dinner and a live band performance which left the guests mesmerised. The convention offered a remarkable opportunity for the thought leaders and practitioners of Business Excellence to share a common space and time, and seek strengthening of brand Tata. Speakers from across the globe highlighted the role of Courageous & Bold Leadership in the process of creation of Long-Term Value. Keeping in mind the theme, Olympic Silver Medallist Deepa Malik proved to be the best pick as a motivational speaker. We are happy to serve Tata Business Excellence Group with this unique event for the last five years, trying to raise the bar with each experience delivered.


12 Hands On-Labs, 21 Technical Breakouts, 14 Chat with the Expert sessions…One path breaking conference that redefined technology.
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VMware’s largest intellectual property vForum saw a fantastic response yet again this year. With a futuristic theme ‘Be Tomorrow’, the conference focused on topics like technology disruptions and VMware strategy. We infused technology at various touchpoints in the event journey thus making it truly experiential. We introduced a multi-event app that housed various in app features like live poll, session ratings, conversations and many more thus making the app a major hit. We included activities like sling shot selfie and twitter wall that amplified the social quotient at the conference. Living to its epic values the VMware employees collected and donated funds to feed more than 5lac + children through the ISCON Food Relief Foundation. After the success of vForum 2016 Mumbai, VMware took its flagship event to 3 more cities under the banner of vForum ‘On the Road’. Better understanding about the event and long standing association with the brand has helped us evolve this property into one of India’s largest technology conference.