Develop a practitioner centric virtual environment, themed "Unleashing the Power of One Dell". The event must serve as a seamless platform, running for a total duration of 24 hours over the Asian and American time zones and must be able to accelerate learning and development with respect to R&D challenges and solutions across Dell business units.


A learning-based receptive and stimulating virtual platform was developed for the event with the theme strategically integrated at various touch points. In order to replicate an on-ground experience, various designated zones were created for the delegates to explore.


The concept, design and execution of the platform began 3 months prior to the event, further perfected with over 30 tech dry runs. A near real like multi-sensory, 360-degree, three-dimensional, virtual version of the Gillette stadium, Massachusetts, USA was created as the event venue. Over 50 speakers from all over the globe, addressed delegates through multiple keynotes followed by breakout sessions, integrated with live and mock live options. 1700 registrations had access to more than 70 sessions than ran around the clock, supported by 24/7 live technical support and back end monitoring, through a massive control room setup. The engagement zone had 47 booths and social media activations, designed meticulously with creative concepts and branding to attract maximum delegate visits.


"Dell Quality Connect Virtual event was amazing. All the conference attendees appreciated the professionalism and attention to detail shown by team Shobiz. According to all our attendees it was "The best virtual conference". Many thanks to team Shobiz for their long days starting with the weekend and ending in the marathon of the conference. Shobiz has an A-plus team, worth singing praises to the Dell Corporate events planning team."

Test Architect, Quality Connect Conference Chair