To create a power-packed platform that reflected excitement, energy and fun engaging employees from start to end


Backed with a vision to craft an experience that engaged and motivated employees, our layout focussed on highlighting presentations by the speakers, the award ceremony and performances by employees.


Syncing with the HUL vision and brief at hand, we did what we do best. Crafting an out of the box experience. Our set up was all about reflecting the authentic Mumbai experience. We went all out. Installations of the city's iconic landmarks like the CST station, Mumbai food stalls, a train tunnel and a flea market. Allowing attendees to feel the ambience at every point in the venue. Some of these installations were also placed in the keynote area to amplify the experience. The gala dinner on the last night culminated the entire experience and left employees feeling energized for the new business year.

"On the outset, congratulations on pulling off yet another Customer Development Conference without forsaking the level of creativity you guys have brought to the conference over the years. Despite the executional constraints the team came together in a brilliant way. Thank you for managing the show with such care. CD gets Swag when Shobiz brings it to life"

Radhika Arora
Executive Assistant to Executive Director Sales & Customer Development
Hindustan Unilever Limited