To organise a grand experience to appreciate and acknowledge the indispensable role of architects, i.e., Shilpkars for UltraTech, as a cement company.


"Shilpkar Tujhe Salam" was chosen as the theme to honour and celebrate the resilient spirt, that architects have shown during the pandemic. We designed a wholesome experience conducted through a series of touchpoints narrating the brand story, theme and importance of Shilpkars for UltraTech.


The biggest challenge was to reach out to 1.6 lakh members of this community digitally, across 70 locations and deliver a customized experience, given the archetypal barriers like 40% non-smartphone users and non-availability of 3G and 4G networks in remote locations. With a month of meticulous planning, database sorting, and detailed research, we came up with the solution of creating a customized YouTube Award showcase for 1 lakh smartphone users and personalized IVR for the non-smartphone users. A thorough and well branded, walk-through experience was designed for the viewers. 225 customized YouTube capsules and a highly personalized experience were the key reach out points. We also shot and plugged in immersive entertainment elements with engagement and photobooth opportunities to make the experience holistic and memorable.


"Thank you so much for doing an amazing job. The innovative concept has been well appreciated by all the stakeholders and has helped to create lasting memories on lakhs of Shilpkaars (Masons). Team Shobiz was instrumental right from the planning process to the execution and in the end, making all the 225 Virtual events successful."

General Manager & Brand Building Head (North), UltraTech Cement