To integrate the theme with the experience to create a seamless delegate experience for Siemens Innovation Day.


Bringing alive Siemens' communication goals, we needed to move away from the regular approach and curate an innovative immersive experience that would be truly Digital. Given that the keynotes would be a crucial part of this event, we needed to create an innovative set up that would bring alive the theme - 'Maximize the potential of Digitalization'.


With a vision to amplify the customer experience, we integrated digital in every aspect of the customer journey to create a seamless experience. The entire venue was transformed into a digital zone that enabled delegates navigate through the venue seamlessly. Registration was done through Digital Kiosks. The main keynote area – a gargantuan stage met with a large 700 ft curved LED to create a vivid and inclusive experience. There were different break out rooms where attendees could attend specific topic-based seminars.

The interactive Experience Zone gave attendees a first-hand experience to learn about and experience Siemens' latest solutions. Innovative Digital branding elements like the digital standees and a digital tree that displayed the names of the products in the experience zone garnered traction.