The objective was to gain market share and position VIVO V20 as a premium upgrade to the regular phones and the number one product in in the 20-30K segment while targeting the right sector of audience across platforms like YouTube, Instagram and Facebook.


Keeping the personality of the brand and the desired premium feel, the phone launch was shot in a lively and classy environment done up using classic hues, fonts and elements of the brand. The launch was then taken online, thus bringing both the real and reel world together.


Using our Hybrid platform, VIVO made every moment delightful for thousands of viewers across YouTube, Instagram & Facebook. Different product USPs were highlighted through influencers from versatile backgrounds like Tanmay Bhatt, Abhish Mathew and Jannat Zubair. A fully navigational platform was incorporated for the launch, the stage was given a signature V shape for brand emphasis. The floor LED was made dynamic to project content, customised to suit the premium and vibrant colour palette of the phone. All of these meticulous touch points culminated into the unveil sequence powered by laser technology. The experience was all in all exclusive, unified and impeccable.


"The global pandemic has brought unprecedented challenges, particularly the way events are organized. It was a pleasure working with SHOBIZ who was instrumental in guiding us through the entire planning, curating and execution process. Team Shobiz demonstrated commendable skills in adapting innovative technological methods to create a lasting impact on our audience while ensuring safety. Our sincerest gratitude for taking this extremely significant project with us with extreme energy and thoroughness."

Manager, Marketing, VIVO